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Specialist in high performing, low water, biodiverse gardens on the front range.

Front Range Garden Consulting Services

Derek von Drehle, landscape designer and garden coach

Certified Colorado Gardener, Colorado State University

Master Herbalist,
School of Natural Medicine

Member, Colorado Native Plant Society

Landscape Professional Member, Plant Select

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Garden Coaching

Garden coaching for home owners includes a wide array of personalized education and training, tailored specifically for your unique property. Many gardeners in Colorado are pledging their efforts to reduce water use, provide habitat, and restore biodiversity. The information available can be overwhelming and learning mistakes can be discouraging. That's why I offer my experience as a Colorado professional gardener to provide personalized support to 'do it yourself' gardeners. As a consultant, I can evaluate garden sites, recommend landscape improvements, creatively collaborate on plant choices, diagnose plant health issues, and teach gardeners how to undertake larger projects. Garden coaching sessions can include hands on demonstrations of best horticultural practices including installing new plants, amending soil, pruning, transplanting, seasonal care, watering and irrigation system troubleshooting, and sustainable maintenance practices.

Climate Resilient Landscape Design

For homeowners looking to install gardens for the first time, upgrade existing areas, or transition their lawns into more sustainable landscapes, I provide professional landscape design services. I take in to account location, elevation, sun exposure, drainage, existing landscape features, and clients' aesthetic preferences to create abundant and ecologically responsible garden designs. I include abundant varieties of native plants, and well adapted plants from around the world, to create unique and high performing gardens. Blueprints and computer generated mock ups are provided to clients who can then reference the design as they install their own landscape additions at any pace, within any budget.

Industry Consulting

As a contractor, I provide trainings, educational resources, design work, and specialized labor to gardening and landscape companies, nurseries, public gardens, and other businesses in the Green Industry.



(720) 903-6089


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